One Touch Ultra Blue test strips


I have nine brand new 50 count boxes of One Touch Ultra Blue blood testing strips available for sale. These are in the retail packaging and not in mail order packaging. All boxes are factory sealed and have an expiration date of January 31, 2020. The boxes are all in very good condition, none crushed or damaged although there may be small amounts of sticker residue on a few.

I’m asking $49.00 per box which includes free shipping via USPS within the U.S. only. In addition, if someone purchases all nine boxes in one transaction I will discount $11.00 from the total price.

Payment will be made via Paypal only with an invoice provided to the buyer to make both payment and shipping more convenient.

Contact me through the instant message feature on these boards or direct at
with the word STRIPS in the subject line.


Please note, since I forgot to specifically state it in the original post, I will consider offers for these test strips. I would certainly like to get a price similar to what I can sell these for on eBay but since eBay takes so much in their fees, I may be able to work something out. Go ahead and shoot me an offer … the worst I can do is say “No thanks.”