Mios and quick sets


I have mini meds mios and also mini med quick sets, I am willing to deal on price to get rid of them


Caution. Kansasqueen is scammer!. His real name is Robert Irvin from Topeka, Kansas. He received the money and did not send quick-sets.


I tried to purchase from this person but would only accept Western Union so I declined.
Did you ever get your merchandise, IGOR?
After talking with Kansasqueen and friends that told me I have recourse against scammers, I have decided to give him/her the benefit of doubt and will purchase Mios and Contour next link 2.4.


Mios SOLD!!!**
I have purchased these items from Kansasqueen in good faith and if she’s not honest like she says then there is legal recourse from the local police and fraud protection from Western Union. I also have safeguards in place to deal with cheaters AND persons in high places ready to intercede if necessary. She has promised to send tracking number to me this morning and if not, I will start legal action. I will update this post when I have received the merchandise or NOT received.


Yes they have sold sorry


Kansasqueen, stop fooling people.


Stop bothering me and lying


I’m not receive the parcel from Kansasqueen. Kansasqueen has promised to send tracking number too but after receiving money she or he stops answering to any my emails. I have all the evidence from emails and WU transfer number.


I hope you will be more lucky than I


I have never stopped answering your emails


if you say you sent a parcel, why you didn’t respond to my requests for the tracking number and I still didn’t receive the package you allegedly sent on October 5?


So did you receive the package or not??


from Kansasqueen, NO I didn’t!


So, IGOR, did you use legal resources?


So, IGOR, did you use legal resources?

100% legal


What legal resources did you use?


Kansasqueen Can you write to me in PM or in this forum thread the tracking number of the parcel that you sent to me? I have not received yet the package from you. Tracking number is needed to search for a package. Maybe it is lost.


UPDATE: I did not receive tracking number, nor package, nor refund!
DO NOT agree to purchase from them using Western Union, Walmart MoneyGram or Walmart 2 Walmart. I have begged them to refund or ship merchandise but get nothing, not even empty promises. I’ve even tried to appeal to their moral side with no luck. I explained what could happen if don’t have necessary supplies for insulin pump up to and resulting in death.
This person is pure evil! I will continue to pray that they come to their senses and stop the scamming as I’m a true believer that eventually bad deeds catch up to them. Please, whatever you do, don’t fall victim to these people and their stories whose primary goal is to separate you from your cash.


Pumper, check your private messages for a contact from me.


Do you still need Mios and sensors