Lantus and novalog for sale


You could,do Wal-Mart to,Wal-Mart transfer and I can ship overnight


Do,you want the novolog


Did,you still,want,the novalog


I find it SO interesting that in your first post, you had five boxes of Novolog, in your second post you suddenly had six boxes and by your fifth post you suddenly had eight boxes! Noting that these were all on the same day, of course … NO WONDER the potential buyer disappeared on you!

Oh yeah, MOST people realize that it is completely UNSAFE to do purchases like this using any time of wiring money service like Walmart to Walmart or MoneyGram! They do not offer any type of customer protection at all! Hell, eBay PROHIBITS making payments in this manner specifically because it is so unsafe and is the favorite payment method of SCAMMERS!


Are you interested in some Novolog Insulin, I don’t have time for games, I can send pictures and I ship in styrofoam cooler next day thru fedex, I can provide references throughout the country


Thank you afroway2, a lot of nice folks on this forum stepped up to help out after the Kansasqueen scammer took advantage.