Lantus and novalog for sale


I have 6 boxes of lantus with 5 pens in each box and I also have 5 boxes of novalog with 5 pens in each box for sale I’m willing to deal on price


How much is Novalog? Do you have vials or just pens?


Yes I have pens and I have about 6 boxes


How much per box?
Are they dated good?


Yes they all expire 2020 and 2021 and I’m willing to,take offers I’m honest I,only,do Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart transfer or money gram


Can you take $50 per box and how do you ship? I mean,
Do you use cooler bag or how do you keep them cold?
There is one other person also selling Novalog on this forum so I’m dealing with them too, best price wins!


How many boxes do,you want


All of them if price is right


I have 8 boxes


Where is Kansas do you live? Maybe we can meet and I pay cash, if you’re close.
I can’t afford all 8 just 6, sorry


Can you do $75 each and I’ll pay shipping


No, only $50 each for 6. Can we meet? It can be public place if you’re worried I’m not honest.


Can you text me,please 785 251 9159


Can you do $500 for all 8


No only $300 for 6…


Where are,you located


Tecumseh, about 10 mins from Topeka


There’s a Walmart or even the police station if you want public place
Where are you located? If you’re not local and need to ship, will you do so with I’ve packs and priority mail? Also, I need your information for payment.
Can I mail a check to you?
Someone just private messaged me that you’re a scammer! So unless you accept PayPal or meet me locally I cannot continue with this transaction.This person said you duped him for $125…
I hope it’s not true but I don’t have money to lose.


Ok, where are you located


I do Wal-Mart to walmart money transfer