Insulin pump, Dexcom g, Victoza and reservoirs


I had a previous listing but some of the items have sold.

I have Victoza some boxes expire as early as April 2019.

I have a black Medtronic 723 revel
Firmware 3.0B
Comes with new belt clip, holster clip
A used pink silicone case,brand new manual

Expired Medtronic Reservoiirs 3.0mL

I have a used Dexcom g5 receiver and 3 boxes of sensors and 1 individual sensor, all in dates none expired. I have 2 transmitters, I used both but I changed them out before they even got to a low battery so they still ha recharge left.

I can provide pictures for all of my items


I am very interested in the dexcom transmitters and sensors. Can you get me a price for both transmitters and 2 boxes of sensors? I live in Nebraska and lost all of my dexcom supplies in the recent flooding. I am in dyer need of replacement.


Hi Natasha.

You do understand that both transmitters are used? It was my first time on a CGM and I didn’t realize thAt I would get an alert that the transmitter was dying so I chAnged them prematurely.

Would you need the transmitter, receiver and the sensors?

The sensors are $150 a box but I’ll be willing to negotiate on the price if multiple items are purchased at once.