Dexcom sensors, transmitters

Looking for dexcom g4/g5 sensors, expired or not. Paypal ready.
Also interested in pods.

PM me)

I have 9 expired Dexcom G5 sensors for sale.

1 expired 3-29-19
4 expired 5-14-19
4 expired 5-17-19

I’ve never sold any sensors before. I’m not sure what they are worth. Make an offer.

I have plenty of sensors that are not expired. As well as a transmitter. Let me know if you’re still interested.

Let me know what you have. I would like to get them…thank you.

I have 4 G5 sensors available. Expire 04-05-2020.

$140 total.

I have a box of dexcom G6 sensors and a transmitter for $350.