Dexcom Sensors G4/G5


I want to buy Dexcom G4/G5 Sensors. I will consider all offers but prefered expired or almost expired sensors 2017-2018.
US address. Payment through PayPal. Use Forum Private Message please.


I have G5 transmitters with dead batteries. I also will have some G5 sensors. PM me please. Thank you.


Have 3 boxes Dexcom Sensors for $425 and free US shipping.


Jim, I’ve no answer from you.


G5 sensors expire in January, 2019
• 3 boxes of 4 each (total of 12 sensors)
• $230/box of 4 each, plus shipping



Thank you Jim! See message


I have 10 Dexcom sensors for sale. 6 are unexpired and 4 are expired. Please contact me if interested
Paypal payment

I can send pics.


Thank you Arm. See message


I sent you an email. Thanks.


Actual actual actual:grin:


I have 4 boxes of dexcom sensors for G4 that expire 6/19 and I have 5 boxes of dexcom sensors for G5 that expire 11/19 I’m willing to deal on the price


Actual Actual Actual


I have G5 sensors available.
PM sent to you Igor.
If anyone else is interested, please PM me directly.