Dexcom Sensors G4/G5


I want to buy Dexcom G4/G5 Sensors. Exp date doesn’t mater. PM pls. PayPal.
2 Dexcom G5 transmitters with dead battery needed


I have G5 transmitters with dead batteries. I also will have some G5 sensors. Can you contact me at jim1 at depiante dot com? Thank you.


Have 3 boxes Dexcom Sensors for $425 and free US shipping.


Jim, I’ve no answer from you.


G5 sensors expire in January, 2019
• 3 boxes of 4 each (total of 12 sensors)
• $250/box of 4 each, plus shipping

G4 battery dead transmitters:
• 3 each
• $20 each, plus shipping.

G5 battery dead transmitters
• 3 each
• $25 each, plus shipping

I will reduce prices if you buy all of any one item.



Thank you Jim! See message