Dexcom g5 system and sensors

$800 or best offer. I will entertain every single offer made. If you are interested YOU can send BEST OFFERS IF $800 is too steep for YOU. Just PLEASE refrain from messaging me randomly or for no reason.

Used Dexcom g5 system, with 1 used receiver and 2 used transmitters. 14 total sensors. .Comes with the cases The receiver was used for 5 1/2 months both transmitters were used during that time. Neither one reached a low battery warning though. So I don’t know how much time is left on each transmitter.

3 full boxes of g5 sensors
(1 box expired in 12/18)
(2 boxes expire 7/19)

2 single additional sensors
(Both packages expire 7/19)

If interested message me. PayPal Only. US shipping only. Message me with any questions.

All sensors are SOLD